Hello Turkey!!!

WPAI Turkey wishes you a rewarding photographic journey with more opportunities and exposure!!!

We are here in Turkey, the bridge between the Oriental and the Occidental culture, to explore and exhibit cultural, geographical and architectural legacies here. Turkey houses many enchanting places like the ancient city of Byzantium (now Istanbul), Gallipoli (now Gallipoli Peninsula Historical National Park), Ancient Troy city in Hisarlik (now Ancient Troy National Park) etc which are connected to history and mythology. This shows how historically and culturally rich Turkey is!!! Contemporary photographers from Turkey are dedicated to bringing these legacies to the world through their photography.

WPAI has been working with different countries to connect the ideas and innovations of photographers across the globe. We are here because we know that the youngsters of Turkey are very passionate about photography. Many young professional photographers from here are contributing to different genres of photography nowadays. WPAI Turkey wishes to connect them by creating a platform where they can share ideas, participate in events and get recognition. WPAI Turkey started its journey in 2022 with the active collaboration of professional photographers here so that the organisation can teach and enrich budding photographers. We wish to help individual Turkish photographers and Turkish photography clubs to organise photography events, and get affiliations and recognition from international bodies like PSA.

WPAI Turkey is thankful to Turkey and wishes for the active collaboration of photographers so that the legacies of Turkey could be visually explored by the rest of the world.

Thanking you